Maurice Long
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September 13 1993

 We were blessed with our beautiful and beloved son on this day in Fulda, Germany.  A caring, fun loving and big hearted child eneterd this world. 

2 year old Maurice left Germany in August 1995 and lived at Fort Campbell, Kentucky were he attended Pre-School at Lincoln Elementary School. 

Beautiful Maurice (yellow shirt) attended Kindergarten, at Kitzingen Elementary School in Kitzingen, Germany.

5 year old Maurice received his Baptism on 9 May 1999, in Kitzingen Germany.  He attended the Larson Roman Catholic Church with his family.  

June 2000 Kitzingen ,Germany
6 year old Maurice plays baseball and hits a homerun.

Aug 2000
Maurice attend first grade at Kitzingen Elementary School in Kitzingen, Germany.

Jan 17 2001
7 year old Maurice goes to the Hospital in Wuerburg Germany to welcome his new born sister Anna Marie to the family. 

7 year old Maurice received his first Holy Communion in May 2001 at Larson Roman Catholic Church in Kitzingen Germany. 

June 2002
9 Year old Maurice leaves Germany and return to FT. Campbell Kentucky with his family.

Precious Maurice (red shirt) completed the 4th and 5th grades at Jackson Elementary School at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

May 2004
Maurice and family goes to Disney World in Flordia with Family.

September 2004
11 year old Maurice Birthday party at Fort Campbell, Kentucky 

October 2004
Maurice completed 6th grade at Mahaffey Middle School Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 

September 17 2005
Precious 11 Year old Maurice taking a photo with family  
August 2005
12 year old Maurice out to dinner with family hugging Mommy.

Dec 2005

Daddy coaches Maurice basketball team for 11-13 year old. Name the team Celtics. 


March 2005
Maurice gets to see what he wanted to see so bad, an NBA basketball game. Daddy takes Maurice and his brother Andrew to Indainapolis to see the Indiana Pacers play the Los Angelos Lakers.
August 20 2005
Maurice and brother Andew goes to Euro Disney with the Youth Center on a Charter bus.
Jan 18 2005
11 year old Maurice scores his first basket in a basketball game. 
19 October 2005 10:30
12 year old Maurice 7th grade school picture taken 6 hours before our precious son departed earth.
News Paper Stars and Stripes Tribute To Maurice By the Long Family
19 October 2005 11:30
12 year old Maurice dental picture taken during his appointment 6 7 hours before he died

October 19 2005
Maurice  entered eternal Life on 19 October 2005.  Maurice death during a High School parade in Heidelberg Germany shocked his Family and friends beyond words.   

25 October 2005 5:00
Our precious and adorable son and brother Maurice Memorial Service at Holy Family Catholic Faith in Fulda, Germany.

Mahaffey Middle School 2006 Year Book Dedication to Maurice Long

Mahaffey Middle School 2006 Year Book Dedication to Maurice Long Fort Campbell Kentucky
26 October 2005
Maurice School Memorail at Middle School Germany.

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