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For the family  / Irena Hill (Kayleigh's nanny )

For the family  / Irena Hill (Kayleigh's nanny )

♥ Sending you lots of love Maurice ♥  / Kerena Wells Sis To Angel Sam Bailey
My Beautiful and Precious Son  / Daddy (My Precious Son )

Son your such a specail, caring, kind hearted and respectful Son, brother and friend to so many. I adore you so much Son and all the joy and Love you give. I'm so proud that your my Son and It's only by the grace of God that I'm able Son. Life on earth with out you with us is so painful Son.


Happy Easter  / Ryan Quay's Parents

~~Thinking of you at Easter ~~  / Judy Of ^j^ Charles (connected by angels )

Warm wishes for a Happy Easter  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Mom Of Angel Lauren (Connected by angels )
Happy Easter  / Jane Speidel, Mom Of Adam Waymire (Maurice & Adam are angel friends )

For the family of Maurice  / Irena Hill (Kayleigh's nanny )

For the family of Maurice  / Irena Hill (UK) (Nanny 2 angel Kayleigh Erceg )

I Will Love You.......  / Mommy--My Sweet Babyboy I Love U ever

As long as I can dream, as
long as I can think, as long as

 I have a memory... 

    I will love you.

As long as I have eyes to

 see and ears to hear

and lips to speak...

   I will love you.

As long as I have a heart to

 feel, a soul stirring within
me, an imagination to hold

      I will love you

As long as there is time,

as long as there is love,

as long as there is you,

as long as I have a breath

 to speak your name...

     I will love you,
  because I love you

  more than my lips

  can ever speak

                                                                    --by Daniel Haughian--

Mommy Your The Best Mommy In the World  / Maurice Your Baby Boy (My Precious Mommy )
Mommy, I know you Love and miss me. I Love and miss you so much and I know God is going to bring my Mommy to me one day. You always did worry about me and I'm so glad your my Mommy. Look at all the pictures we took together and all the times we spent laughing and joking around. I see you crying and sad allot. I cry to because I miss you so much. Both of our tears will be wiped away one day and I can't wait until that day comes. It's beautiful Mommy and I got to see your Daddy and Daddy's Daddy. I also got to see grandma and Uncle Pee Wee. Oh and I got to see your sister. Mommy just look at all that you did for me and all the times we gave each other hugs and told each other how much we love each other. Most kids only dream of having a Mommy like the Mommy I have. 

Mommy it' okay to cry I cry some times. Just remember we ae going to be together again and we want ever be with out each other. I know Daddy, Anna and Andrew miss and Love me so much. I see how you are trying to be strong and I see you crying when know one else is with you. You are the best Mommy in the world and I think about my Mommy everyday. Tell Pinky Boo I miss her and I see she is getting tall like me. I'm taller than you now Mommy. God has been so good to me. I know you and Daddy are proud of me.


Thinking of You...  / Laquan's Mom


Remembering you and your beloved angel
on Mother's Day.

You are always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.


Precious Maurice  / Mommy

The Year is amlost at the end and the New Year is coming.Looking back on this year it was a difficult,painful  year.A one with ups and downs okay days and bad days.A year with allot of tears,a year without you.We got through it only with the Lord.He is the one who helped us and he is the one who get us through the next year.We have to believe and trust in the Lord.
Maurice I miss you more than I can ever explain.You mean the world to me and I am so blessed that God has called me to be your Mommy and that he called you to be my son.You will forever be my sweet precious son whom I love so very much.Thank you so much for all the precious Memories.Thinking of those Memories makes me smile.Words can't describe the pain and suffering we going through.But everyday is a day closer to be with you.Maurice never forget I will always love you.I will hold u in my heart forever.You at my side when I am weak you lift me up when I am down.Shine down on your Daddy brother and sister they miss you so much.I feel so helpless watching and seeing them going through so much pain.Can't wait for that day to come when we all be together again.This will be a glorious day.Maurice I love you so so very much and always will.
With love your, Mommy forever

For the Long Family  / Judie Smart (Friend)
Thinking of you xxxx  / Cindy Kaydes Mommy
Thinking of you  / Nancy Davis
I am so sorry for the sorrow today brings.  Nothing is more difficult.  All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancy Davis

What an awesome Kid!!!!!!  / Chris Harris (Angel Mom )
Maurice you are a precious boy. I would have liked to have known you. My little boy Colton Sexton is also safe at home with Jesus. Although both of you boys are sadly missed, it brings me great joy to know that the two of you are playing together in a perfect Heaven. To your family, I just want to say how much my heart aches for all of you. I will be thinking of you and lifting you up in Prayer.               
                                                     Colty's Mom,
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