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By Maurice About Maurice  
By Maurice 

I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. My Hobbies are Basketball, Football and hanging out with my friends. Since we are back in Germany I like to see the Castles. I am very much into clothes and shoes now and like to wear Jerseys allot. Sometimes my brother try to tell me how to match clothes together. He thinks he knows what he is talking about. I don't like when Teacher's gives us to much homework. Also I don't like the time my Parents tell me to come in on school nights. For me it is to early. When I grow up I want to be Basketball player. I like to eat Popcorn and candy. My Mom tells me too much candy is not good for me. Sometimes I like to help my Mom when she cooks. Maybe I got that from my dad .He likes to cook too. My favorite subject hi school is P.E. I enjoy going to my Cousins house and eat barbeque. My responsibility is to keep my room clean and see if the trash needs to be taken outside.

Maurice School Project About His Family  
By Maurice: My Dad

My dad is the man of the house let him tell it and he always getting on my brother and me and letting my little sister get away with murder.;' His hobbies are cooking and playing basketball and football. My dad can cook very good and likes to Barbeque with family and friends. My dad is always talking about education to my brother and me and about how important it is in life. My dad is close to his family members and I know he misses his mother, father and brother very much. My dad cooks allot and plays sports with me outside. My dad likes helping others and he's always telling us how important it is to care and help other people who need it. My dad is very into watching the news everyday and he's always talking about politics and how mess up our leaders are. My dad is always calling his family members to check up on them and see if they need help or to just talk to them. I know my dad wants me to attend college because he always tells me how important it is for me to do well in school. He believes that teachers should make more than basketball players and the government spend to much money on the military. My dad wants us to stay into church and do not do drugs and smoke cigarettes when we get older, he's always telling me what they will do for me. My dad gives some of his money away to help his family and always buys us what we want, well sometimes he does. My dad thinks people spend too much money on cars and clothes.
I'm all for that, Let him read this!

By Maurice: My Mom

My mother is the woman of the house .Her hobbies are playing tennis; cleaning .She loves to decorate the house for the holidays and inviting family members over to our house. Her favorite and fund tradition is decorating the house for Easter and Christmas and letting my sister help her. She likes watching Lifetime TV and reading to my sister. My mother likes to shop at the German markets and visit the castles in Germany. She’s always telling us how important school is and how far we will go in life with a good education. She always gets exited when the Christmas Markets open every year. She is telling me I spend too much money on candy. Also my Mother is always worried that something will happen to us .She is scared when I go on a Roller coaster. I really had to talk to her to let me get on it. I think this is how Mothers are. My Mother keeps the house clean. She was born and grew up in Germany. She don’t like big Cities maybe because she grew up on a Farm. Sometimes she tells us how she had to work on the Fields when she was little. She likes to collect roosters. Every night before she goes to bed she always checks on us.

By Maurice: My Brother

My brother's name is James; he is the oldest of three kids. He is 16 years old and is in the 10th grade. He attends Heidelberg High School. Last summer he worked summer hire at the high school youth center. My brother's hobbies are playing basketball and football, hanging out with friends, and going to the movies. He likes to watch Fresh prince of Bel Air and Dave Chappelle. My brother's favorite sport to watch is football; his favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles, he was kind of mad when they lost in the Super Bowl, but there sure to win it this year. My brother also likes to watch and play basketball, he's not the best basketball player, but is pretty good. His favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat. He doesn't really like to watch baseball, but his favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. Sometimes when my Parents have to go somewhere he has to watch my sister and me. He is doing a good Job by watching my sister. I look up to my brother and used to do what he does. He is what a big brother supposes to do. If somebody messes with me he is talking to that person .His responsibility is keeping his room clean and help around the house and clean up after himself.
How nice!

By Maurice: My Sister

My sister is a four-year-old girl named Anna. She is named after my Grandmother [my dads Mom]. Her favorite hobby is playing with her Barbie's or playing cooking for my dad. She likes to play in the Park and do the monkey bars. Her favorite TV program is Dora the Explore. When the weather allows it then she goes outside to ride her electric Jeep or rides her bike. She likes wearing my mom's shoes and likes to pick out her clothes and play dress up. My Sister wants people to clean her room and her favorite food is Ramen noodles. My Mom says that when she goes to the store with my Sister she always want her to by some toys. She even picks clothes or shoes and says, "Oh this looks cute". For her age she is really smart. She misses her friend Emily [who lives in the States] and talks about her allot. My Sister likes to read. Sometimes she takes a book and read to her Dolls. When my brother and I do something we should not be doing she tells Mom or Dad. My Sister is one of a kind. She is very precious and sweet.

Maurice Favorites  
Favorite in Life: Playing basketball and swimming
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken over Rice
Favorite Snack: Popcorn and Sunflower Seeds
Favorite Candy: Skittlles
Favorite Drink: Sunkist and Mountain Dew
Favorite TV Show: That's so Raven
Favorite Song: 1,2 Step and Locked Up
Favortie Holiday: Christmas
Loved to: Rapp and dribble a basketball
Dreamed of: Playing basketball in College

Favorite Saying to Dad: What's Up Pop's!
Favorite Saying to Mom: Mom this is 2005!
Favorite saying to Brother: Yea right James!
Favorite saying to little sister: Give me a piece of gum and I will take you to the park

Family Values

My family values are many things because my family likes to do certain things, like travel. We like to travel because this is what we like to do. My family loves to try out new things. Another thing is music they like listening to music. Because when I'm in a bad mood all I do is put on some music and it calms me down.

Another family value is Education

Because they want my brother, sister and me to have a good life and have a good job opportunities. My parents already have a college education they want us to attend. So when we finish college we will be able to land better paying jobs.

And one more family value is religion

My family most important value is religion. We attend church every Sunday and pray for others. We also help those who are in need and less fortunate than us by donating money, clothes, books etc.

Another family value is sports.

So I can learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. My entire family likes to go swimming and play tennis. My favorite sport is basketball and football. Playing sports allow me to learn good sportsmanship with my friends.

A Life To Remember  

A great basketball player who has speed and can dribble very well. Played on his fathers basketball team for 11, 12 and 13 year old kids.  Dec 2004 Until March 2005.

Basketball slam dunk cartoon

Written By Maurice  
By Maurice Long on 5 Sept 2005, School assignment.

1. I am a good basketball player and a person who likes to dribble
2. I wonder what life after death will be like
3. I hear my uncle from his grave when am at my cousins house
4. I see Allen Iverson talking to me on the basketball court
5. I want to be rich when I grow up so that I can help the poor move on up
6. I want to pretend to be the best person in the world 
7. I feel the top of the statue of liberty
8. I touch Shaquille O'neals hands as he signs me on his team
9. I worry if my dad will come home safe from Iraq
10. I understand that Mr. Smith gives us homework everyday
11. I saw myself becoming MVP player of the year
12. I dream of getting a college scholarship to the university of tennessee 
13. I try to become better and better at basketball
14. I hope there is some peace in this world
15. I am a good basketball player who likes to dribble


Left a lasting impression on his many friends for his ability to get alone with everyone and his beautiful smile.  Treated his friends like family. His many friends all talk about how respectful and caring he is and that oh so beautiful smile that could would make anyone smile.  

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